9″ Curved

Designed for bigger fish like large Mahi and other more significant fish. Allows for a single cut to slab out the side of a fish.


What people are saying about Relentless Titanium Fillet Knives:

The other Relentless models

10″ Straight

MSRP $239.00

This is the knife preferred for flatter fish like halibut and salmon that can maneuver around the spine. Also great for maximizing the meat when carving large roasts and such from a side of beef.

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8″ Straight

MSRP $219.00

Our version of the traditional straight-blade knife that is known for maneuverability around fish spines and gills. Ideal for Grouper and bottom fish with stout, complex spines.

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7″ Curved

MSRP $209.00

Ideal for the coastal fisherman for cleaning larger Mahi, Snapper and the like. Also for the freshwater fisherman who prefers a larger knife.

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6″ Curved

MSRP $209.00

Designed for the freshwater fisherman and inshore saltwater fisherman. Also a good knife for cutting bait.

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