The world’s first knife that sharpens as it cuts!

Relentless Knives feature patented Perpetual Edge Technology inspired by the self sharpening teeth of the beaver.

Like beaver teeth, which have a relatively soft back with a really hard, iron-fortified enamel front, a Relentless Knife has a relatively soft titanium blade with a really hard carbide/crushed diamond “Power Strip” fused along the edge for a perpetual, lifelong edge that sharpens as it cuts.

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Inspired by nature‘s solution to preventing edge wear

Significant Advance

"...this is the most significant advance in the art and science of cut that I have seen in over 55 years in the knife community."
Ed Fowler, Blade Magazine Field Editor

Five Relentless models to choose from

10″ Straight

MSRP $239.00

This is the knife preferred for flatter fish like halibut and salmon that can maneuver around the spine. Also great for maximizing the meat when carving large roasts and such from a side of beef.

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9″ Curved

MSRP $219.00

Designed for bigger fish like large Mahi and other more significant fish. Allows for a single cut to slab out the side of a fish.

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8″ Straight

MSRP $219.00

Our version of the traditional straight-blade knife that is known for maneuverability around fish spines and gills. Ideal for Grouper and bottom fish with stout, complex spines.

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7″ Curved

MSRP $209.00

Ideal for the coastal fisherman for cleaning larger Mahi, Snapper and the like. Also for the freshwater fisherman who prefers a larger knife.

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6″ Curved

MSRP $209.00

Designed for the freshwater fisherman and inshore saltwater fisherman. Also a good knife for cutting bait.

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“NeverRust” Titanium Blade - Absolutely impervious to corrosion

Titanium is not only lightweight and remarkably strong but also impervious to corrosion making it the ideal material for a fillet knife, especially for the saltwater angler.

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A grip that beats all grips

The TrueGrit grip on a Relentless Knife is made with the same non-slip material used adjacent to swimming pools. Testing shows that it provides superior "traction" when compared to the grips on other fillet knives.

What people are saying about Relentless Titanium Fillet Knives:

  • Unmatched in Durability and Precision

    Captain Danny Allen here with Southern Salt Charters and Beyond the Surface TV!! I’ve been using the 8” filet knife by Relentless Knife Company for a month or so and my take is it’s a great well built product. I use it pretty much everyday I have yet to sharpen it so the blade technology is killer! The grip on the handle is great for wet hands but the biggest thing I’d like to say for me “personally”!!! The blade is slightly to thin so the company is making me a lil thicker blade for my preference!! Outdoors friends that’s hard to find and love that they care that much to make it happen!! Can’t wait to get my new knife thanks again to the Relentless Knife Family!!

    Captain Danny Allen, Southern Salt Charters & Beyond the Surface TV

  • No More Sharpening After Every Other Fish

    Just sliced through several dozen sea bass, parties, trigger, and a few other bottom critters. These knives are just amazing. I usually have to sharpen every other fish to keep an edge to my liking. I’ve been using this knife for eight months now and haven’t had to touch the blade yet. What a great knife!

    Master Captain Carlo Marino, Fishing Charleston 101 Charters

  • I clean fish twice a day... It's razor-sharp and flexible...

    This knife is really impressive. I clean fish twice a day, and the time between trips can be short. You know what I’m not doing? Sharpening my fillet knife after every couple of fish. It’s razor-sharp and flexible. It also has not shown one spot of oxidation. It lives on the boat, in the slip, in Key West. I have never had a knife that could handle that exposure. Very cool technology.

    Capt. Jeremy Loercher, At Sea Key West Charters

  • Cuts Better The More I Use It

    “Reaching for the half-inch sisal rope, I started cutting… I have never had a knife that cuts better the more I use it… the best fillet knife I have ever used.”

    MSG Kim Breed, 5th Special Forces Self Sharpening TITANIUM Fillet Knife, Blade Magazine

  • Last Fillet Knife You’ll Ever Need

    I have used the knife on Striped Bass, Fluke, Porgy and even Yellowfin and I must say it is by far the best and sharpest knife I have ever used. The blade easily goes through tough tuna skin with little effort. It’s so sharp that while cutting steaks out of a Striper fillet, I actually cut into the stoneware leaving visible cut lines. My wife wasn’t very amused, but it impressed the hell out of me… lol.

    Angelo Donofrio, Associate Publisher, The Fisherman

  • Last Fillet Knife You’ll Ever Need

    “…this is like guiding a laser beam, the blade has fantastic control and you can feel every bump, bone and parasite in the tail.”

    “I did the hemp test…200 cuts through 1/4″ rope and every cut was butter. Compared to other knives, the most I’ve ever gotten is 76 cuts.”

    …this may well be the last fillet knife you’ll ever need, for once the advertising holds true. Well worth the price of admission.”

    Reviewer (Northern Exposure)