Why relentless

Revolutionary Perpetual Edge Technology

For centuries, knife makers have tried to solve the problem of "edge dulling" by focusing on improving the rate of wear by making the blade as hard as possible so it wears more slowly and stays sharp as long as possible. The problem with this approach is that the ​blade edge will become dull and the harder the blade, the harder it is to sharpen, and the more brittle the edge.

Inspired By Nature‘s Solution To Preventing Edge Wear

The revolutionary Relentless™ Fillet Knife takes a completely different approach, focusing on the way the blade wears instead of the rate of wear. Relentless’ patented Perpetual Edge™ Technology was inspired by nature’s solution to preventing edge wear and replicated the self sharpening teeth of the beaver, which has a relatively soft “dentin” back side and a really hard, iron-fortified enamel on the front. This creates a differential in hardness between the front and the back and which allows the softer dentin back to wear more quickly relative to the harder iron-fortified front edge and leaving a thin, razor sharp edge. This is, essentially, a perpetual, lifelong edge that sharpens as it cuts.

The Relentless Fillet Knife blade is made of relatively soft titanium which wears quickly like dentin. A strip of ultra-hard carbide or crushed diamond compound is bonded to the titanium base metal via spark and laser deposition. The carbide and diamond compound acts like the iron-fortified enamel on the beaver tooth, creating a differential hardness and resulting in a sharp perpetual edge that continually sharpens as you use it. This patented Perpetual Edge Technology is exclusive to Relentless and unlike anything else on the market.
Note: Lest you wonder, the microscopic amounts of titanium that wear down are not unlike what is left by ordinary steel knives. And, because titanium is an inert and biocompatible metal, it is totally harmless (and why it is commonly used to make medical implants). If anything, you should be concerned about popular ceramic knives which, because they are brittle, can result in small, sharp shards breaking off.

"True Grit" Glass-Reinforced, Faceted ABS Handle

Invariably, the first thing people notice on a Relentless™ Fillet Knife is the extreme grippiness of the True Grit handle. The handle is made of a glass reinforced ABS but covered with the same gritty material used to create the non-slip surface found adjacent to swimming pools. This ensures you won’t lose your grip while filleting even if you have wet or slimy hands. The black True Grit surface is also “faceted” meaning it scatters light in every direction which means it is non-reflective and will never get hot, even if left in the hot sun.

“NeverRust” Titanium Blade

Relentless™ Knives feature a 100% aerospace grade titanium blade. Titanium is extremely lightweight, which means less wrist fatigue while filleting, and extraordinarily strong. But, most important, titanium is extremely resistant to corrosion and degradation. In other words, a Relentless™ Knife will never rust. This is an ideal attribute for a fillet knife, especially for the saltwater angler.

"MeatCutter" Micro-Serrated Carbide Cutting Edge

The carbide or diamond cutting edges on a Relentless Knife have micro-serrates meaning it has tiny jagged, saw-like protrusions that function like thousands of micro-blades that further enhance the ability of the knife to cut soft, pliable things like fish which otherwise squish (like a tomato).

“SlickCut” Boron Nitride Anti-Friction Treatment

One side of every Relentless Fillet Knife is treated with SlickCut, an anti-friction boron nitride compound which enhances the lubricity of the cutting edge to reduce friction and improve cutting performance.